Chasseur Film Service is a company specializing in film production for foreign producers.

Quebec offers a wide range of fiscal opportunities, labour, and unique shooting locations. Located in North America insures that there is American and Canadian talent at hand.

Chasseur Film Service can also participate in specific stages of production including filming, post-production (picture editing, sound editing, VFX, packaging).

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Quebec Film and Television Council:


Services in Quebec:

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• 50+ Co-Production Deals with Europe
• Legal and Accounting Firm Specializing in film and Tax Credit
• Competitive Tax Credit Rate (Description on Request)
• Favorable Exchange Rates for Euro, UK Pound Sterling, US Dollar

• Oscar Winning VFX and Post-Production Companies
• Qualified and Internationally Recognized Workforce
• Studios for Filming
• International Airport and Chauffeured Service with Electric Cars

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Chasseurs Films est une société de production qui offre une expertise dans le domaine de la production cinématographique.

Chasseurs Films n’accepte pas de projets non sollicités.

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